Image correction

7 Feb

First posted 30 Jan:


It seems I have made some minor errors with the pictures last time! As cute as Wall-E is, I suspect he is not a surgeon.

As an aside, I can’t believe some people don’t know who Wall-E is! I’m sad for you! 

Right, enough silly Disney pictures. 🙂

Here is the actual machine. It’s called a Da Vinci. I’m not 100% sure they will use this, but the surgeon did mention it. To be honest, I think it looks ****ing terrifying!

Sort of spidery. And we all know how much I love spiders…

At the last hospital they put you under in a little room, so I never actually saw the surgical theatre. I hope it’s the same at the Marsden, although some level of morbid curiosity may make me ask to have a look at the machine!  I’ll see how stressed I feel on the day.

It also appears I have been mislead on the stockings. I feel there is a marketing opportunity for sexy surgical stockings.

Not sure about the legs, but pretty sure my feet at least look better than these ones!


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