Quick Update

7 Feb

First posted 24 Jan:


EC day today. Things went fine, and we will find out tomorrow the results.

Few minor issues at the hospital, like missing blood tests, missing my vein with the sedative, but otherwise ok.

Got out after 2 (arrived at 7!) so pretty tired this afternoon. Things went well, but I feel a bit flat after all the excitement.

I missed one test with my list on the last post. They also did a nasal swab which actually came back positive for a Staph infection. Nothing serious, but it has to be cleared before the 4 Feb operation. So another week of antibiotics, plus the Synarel. Would have been good to have a break – presumably that means some tests next week to confirm it’s gone. Tests take 3 days apparently.

The antibiotics include a body wash which is also to be used as a shampoo. She said it will be very drying for my already dry frizzy hair! I see this in my future –


Shamelessly stolen from this website: http://www.buzzfeed.com/skarlan/the-woes-of-having-curly-hair-82j3

p.s. I know its a pain to register on this website, but I would welcome any comments! 🙂


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