Stage 1b1 Squamous cell carcinoma. Moderately Differentiated

7 Feb

Originally posted 17 Jan.

That’s what I have. Sounds quite scary when it’s written down, and someone has said to me I need to think a little more about cancer, and probably a little less about the IVF stuff.

So I’ll tell you what I know about Mr Stage 1b1 etc…

Squamous cell carcimona: This means the cancer is in the sqaumous cells. These are the cells that make up one of the layers of your skin, but also the lining of things like inside your mouth, throat, and of course cervix.

Stage 1b1: 

Basically it’s less than 4cm, and has not spread beyond the cervix. It was at least about 2cm as that was what was removed in December.

The next stages all relate to how far it has spread to within nearby and then more distant organs. Lets hope I don’t need to know much more about that!

Stage 1b1, and possible 1b2 may be able to have the trachelectomy. I think it’s not allowed in stage 2.

Moderately Differentiated:

This one is slightly harder for me to understand. I’ve never really heard it talked about, but as I understand it it relates to how likely the cancer is to spread.

Well differentiated is good, cells are similar to normal cells, moderately means cells are changing, and poorly differentiated means that cells have changed, it is a lower prognosis when it reaches this stage. Mine are moderately differentiated, and the other day the consultant was umm and ahh about this. He indicated that if it was poor then I would have to do chemo.

I looked for some images, but I think I might avoiding google image searching for proper cancer things.. some of those pictures are pretty scary.

So – as you can see, I’m kind of on the cusp for both the size and the grade to be allowed to have a surgical option.

The MRI I had yesterday was to get a clearer picture of the stage (size), and I think I will get the results tomorrow. The histology (grade) is based on the information from the cone biopsy in December, and they won’t know more about that until they do the surgery.

Tomorrow is a very busy day actually! I’ll let you know the schedule.


18 Jan

  • 08.45: IVF scan at the Lister hospital
  • 10.00: Meeting consultant near Harley Street
  • 12.45 (for 1pm): Marsden hospital for ‘fitness for surgery’ assessment. 

21 Jan

  • IVF Scan at Lister in the morning
  • EUA (Examination under anaesthetic), to decide again if they will do the tracelectomy, but I suspect also just to have a closer look at the tumour. 
  • They will also take a lymph node or 2 to do a biopsy. 

The doctor said the EUA would be 48-72 hours in hospital. But I’ll find out more about that tomorrow.

Now… last time we saw the doctor he said he wouldn’t do the EUA before the egg collection, to not put the cycle at any risk. But now he seems happy to do it ahead of the EC. I’m not that happy about it and will again ask lots of questions tomorrow.

23 Jan

  • 06.10 23 Susan arrives!

23-26 Jan

  • Egg collection

Then I think I get a week off as the consultant is on holidays. Would be nice to go a few days without some random person having a feel around! Next steps all depend in test results, so I am not ready yet to plan.



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