Test updates

7 Feb

First posted 19 Jan:




Lots of tests going on this week, so a quick update.


Test: MRI was at The Royal Marsden in Surrey on Wednesday. This was a special type of MRI to get a better view of the cervix. Best not to know too much about how that was done!

Result: Small tumor still remaining. Sort of expected, but there was always a chance the tumor has been destroyed by the healing process after the cone biopsy. Even if there was no tumor remaining, the surgery is still necessary if it’s shown to be invasive due to the risks of even a cell or two wandering around the local area.


I’ve had three scans this week. First showing 11 follicles, now it’s up to about 14, with 5 being a decent size so far. Still up to a week to go, but I’m told these numbers are good.

Other tests:

I’ve been poked a prodded a lot this week! Here is what happened.

IVF Stuff: 

3 x IVF Follicle Scans.

2 x Estrogen levels blood tests (I don’t seem to get the results of these. The IVF clinic use them to decide if they change my medications)

1 x Hep B Core Antigen blood test. This is just a pre-screening test I forget to get the GP to do. Negative result as expected.

Pre-Hospital Admission tests:

1 x Full blood count. (All normal)

1 x Blood typing blood test. (A+)

1 x ECG. Stuck with lots of stickers, then wired up, and my heart tested. All good.

Breathing flow rate test. That isn’t the right name, but the one where you blow in a tube to see how strong your lungs are. Seemed to be ok!

Blood pressure. 120/80. I am oddly proud of my textbook perfect blood pressure. It’s always been the same my whole life!

Height and weight. The one I hate the most! Note.. IVF is not good for weight. I’m assuming it’s that, not the chocolate. 🙂

I am, as noted before, perfectly healthy apart from the cancer. I didn’t really like this set of tests, mainly because it was at the Marsden in London. As the Marsden’s are cancer hospitals, it sort of makes it all a little real. The staff were all wonderful, but it’s not nice to be there.

I also realised I was quite young to be there. Most people were much older (and sicker), and I think the girl doing the tests was slightly bemused by how healthy I was. I felt a bit of a fraud to be honest.

DIY drugs

300iu injection of Menopur each evening, plus 2 sniffs of Synarel each day. Plus a round dozen of vitamin tablets each morning. I’m getting some nice bruises on my tummy from the injections, but otherwise it’s pretty easy now.

Other things:

2 x Acupuncture sessions.

We also spent two hours with the Egg Donation teams, to firstly get counselling about what egg donation would mean, and then to be put on the waiting list. This is a backup in case the IVF fails.

Number of new people this week who really should have bought me a drink before getting so personal.




On balance, an ok week results wise, and with what could be good news at the end.

It was hard to juggle all this around work – both the time off and the constant booking and re-booking phone calls – but I’m off work now until I get the all clear so hopefully stress levels will reduce.


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