Thanks for the comments!

7 Feb

First posted 25 Jan:

I do greatly appreciate the effort it takes to comment! Not sure why they make it so hard… but it seems the joy of achieving it is working for you all. 🙂

Good news today! We have 9 little embryos in the freezer. We didn’t get a quality report as it’s quite early to freeze them, but they do as we aren’t trying to select the best one for a fresh cycle. Apparently the embryos are more stable at 1 day, so we will take our gambles if/when we get to defrost them.

Tonight I have celebrated with the first wine in a while! I will update in a more sober and perhaps more Australia day manner tomorrow.


One Response to “Thanks for the comments!”


  1. Farewell 2013 | Kath's Cervical Cancer Journey - December 30, 2013

    […] was going to be all right, that the cancer was small and early and I was in good hands. Maybe the 9 embryos helped, but my normal optimism came back sometime in January, after really struggling in December. […]

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